Don’t put yourself down and don’t let them win……..

Listen to the song in order to understand the title ❤

Hair: DOUX – John Hairstyle at Signature Event
Earring: NO.MATCH – No Salvation Earring, L’Homme Magazine SL February 2017 Readers Group Gift.
Collar: [OBSCURE STORE ] – Soom Chocker Black at The Dark Style Fair May 2017
Clothing: CLEF DE PEAU – Alvin Jumpsuit Black at 6 Republic Event May 2017
Boots: GABRIEL – Work Boots Black from Urban Elysium Gacha Set at The Mens Department May 2017

Furniture: 6 Republic Event May 2017

Table: THOR – Vintage Workbench RARE
Chair: THOR – Old Industrial Chair
Backdrop: 22769 – Speicherstadt Pallet Tryptichon