Clinging to just one more day


Piercings: REALEVIL INDUSTRIES – Keal Nose Chains and Piercings (Includes 6 metals and Alpha HUD for hiding each chain/piercing.) at mainstore

Gloves: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Metallic Long Nail Bento Gloves at We Love Roleplay March 2017

Top: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Leather Short Hoodie at We Love Roleplay March 2017

Pants: VALE KOER – The Thermal Shorts (Up to 8 customizable faces with 8 tones and an alpha option) at mainstore

Shoes: VALE KOER – Nocturnal Racers (Includes 8 customizable surfaces with 24 different tone sets) at mainstore

Sparks: ART NAMED CAPERING – a.n.c Leaping Sparks at mainstore