I got my mind made up that I cannot let go…


MY FACEBOOK is down/dead ( you decide lol) and I think Im done…done done done lol 😀 I will not touch the FB until the publication for Lhomme out on next month! YAY!!!

Thank you for all the hard work so far that the team is doing for the magazine <333

The Lhomme SL Magazine will be out on the 4th November…Keep a look out 🙂

HAIR: *~*Damselfly*~*Alick Non-Rigged Mesh (from The Body Modification Expo)
SCARF:( Snips & Snails ) .S&S. Soopascarf 01 – Coal (from THe Seasons Story)

OUTFIT: Breath (:::B:::) – autumn pants & shirt & suspenders (from THe Seasons Story)